Medical Scrubs - A History Of Comfort And Style


It is easy to spot a doctor by their scrub set. Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals often wear scrub uniforms, whether they are on television or in movies. Most hospitals require that medical staff wear scrubs at work. These scrubs have become the norm in hospitals. However, scrubs haven't been around forever.

The typical uniform of a nurse is well-known to everyone.
 The stereotypical nurse is usually portrayed in a white uniform, a hat and some kind of red cross. While the traditional nurse's uniform is quite old, the invention of scrub-type uniforms for doctors is relatively new. In the beginning years of surgery, doctors practiced in their street clothes. 

To keep the blood from getting on doctor's street clothes, a butcher's apron was sometimes worn.
 Although the sight of blood or other bodily fluids on doctor's clothes was not a problem, it was a sign that the doctor was well-respected and had many patients.

The importance of sterilizing medical environments has become more apparent to the medical profession over the years. Doctors who walk around with bloody and guts on their clothes are definitely not sterile. In an effort to reduce infections, doctors who worked in operating rooms started wearing antiseptic gowns in order to protect their clothes while they were in the operating room. White gowns were the new uniform for surgeons. White is a nice color because it feels clean and crisp. 

However, white surgical gowns feel less clean and sterile if they are soaked in blood or other body fluids.
 Many people found the contrast between the white uniform, blood, and bodily fluids offensive. The gowns used by surgeons became green. It is also known as "surgical green", and it is a great color for surgery. It blends colors better than white, reduces eye strain, and is easier to see.

This was the turning point in scrub history when the traditional white doctor's uniform became the standard surgical-green uniform. This uniform was worn by doctors in shows like MASH. Because surgeons wore them, surgical greens were called that. People started to refer to surgical greens as scrubs over time because they were worn originally when patients "scrubbed into" the surgery.

Scrubs are now worn by nearly all medical professionals, and they are not just green. Different colors are used by different medical professionals in different hospitals. Scrubs are no longer available in a single style. Scrubs can be purchased in many different patterns and colors by medical professionals. You can select from a variety of brand-name scrubs such as Landau Scrubs or Cherokee Medical Scrubs.

The scrub uniform has had to change to keep up with the technological advances in the medical field.